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Thank you for visiting us at Woodland Puppies! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Following you will find testimonials from some of our past customers. We are greatly indebted to our customers for their willingness to share their testimony with others. We realize that it will be you, our customer, that we owe our success to. We strive to ensure 100% satisfaction to our customers and hope they can testify to that in their own words. Thanks again for visiting us, we would enjoy hearing from you!

We got our Gus from Woodland Puppies when he was 5 months old. He is a wonderful dog. Very lovable and very good with our young great grandchildren. He is a quiet dog but loves to play, especially with balls and loves to run around in our large fenced backyard. He has never had a problem with accidents in the house, and does not shed. 

I would not hesitate to take another puppy from Woodland Puppies if my house was bigger and I was younger.


Matilda (Missy) We have had Matilda for just over a month now and are having a great time integrating her into our family!  She loves to chew, eat and meet people - pretty much in that order.  It's great fun keeping her busy and watching her grow right before our eyes.  Thanks Woodland Puppies - we couldn't be happier!


Jason  and Jamie Abendroth 


"Micky (now Bernie) came to us playful, confident both around strangers and in new surroundings, and very affectionate. He also passed his first visit with our vet with flying colors. All of this tells us that he was raised with a great deal of care and kindness. He was well worth the wait.


We were also incredibly pleased with the quick, clear, and honest responses from the Schlabach family. We would highly recommend them for your next puppy."


Thank you so much and take care,

Jennika and Robert

Kip, now know as Gunner, is doing very well! He is a very happy, energetic pup! Our other 3 dogs, a German shepherd, and 2 mini dachshunds have welcomed him and enjoy playing with each other. Gunner has a very sweet personality and easy to train so far.


We had his hernia repaired and he did really well with that. He has brought us much joy!


Sincerely, The Wiles Family


We adopted Carey aka Ellie May 2 weeks ago. We wanted to get a dog to help our son get over his fear of dogs. We did our research and found that the mini Bernedoodles are great dogs for kids and very smart! So we made the 3 hour trip to the Schlabach's farm and my boys picked out Ellie. Duane and his daughters were so helpful and signing all the paperwork was very smooth and fast. Her vet records and vaccinations were flawless. 2 weeks later she weighs 22 lbs, was house/potty trained in 4 days and my boys absolutelyadore her. She is also bell trained. AMAZING! I highly recommend Woodland Puppies and Mini Bernedoodles for anyone interested in adopting a puppy.                 Thanks, Miranda Philips

Thank you Woodland Puppies for providing us the missing piece to our family! Cooper which has been renamed to Bentley has been a complete blessing to us since he arrived to our home. We picked him up on a Friday and took him to our vet on the following Monday, and our vet was extremely impressed at how well he had been taken care of. He is extremely healthy and energetic. He has been excellent with our grandchildren and other dogs. He is super loveable and has convinced us to possibly buy another puppy. Bentley is almost six months now and had his first haircut at five months. He is so adorable! Thank you Mr. Duane and the Schlabach family for everything! 

-Randall Coshatt 


We renamed Lana to Phebe. She is doing great. She weighs 14 pounds. She is crate trained - sleeps the whole night without needing to go potty. She is doing great on house training as long as we stay alert to when she goes to the door. She and Izzy get along great - the best of friends. She is really attached and has a sassy little personality. We just love her. Thank you for breeding such wonderful puppies. 


Wanda H. Schubarth

Hi! He (Lance) is the best, sweetest, most wonderful tempered dog I’ve ever seen! He is amazing with kids, great with other dogs and just so loving! He is so very loved. He goes to the bus stop with us every morning and every afternoon and I must say he is loved by all of those 35+ kids too. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Our 10yr old dog Willow adores him too! She has seemingly found more energy in her old age now that “Lance” now Tucker, is around. Thank you all for blessing our family with such a precious gift!

He weighed in last Monday at 17lbs at 13 weeks, so he’s gonna be a big boy….which we expected. 


Thank you all


Ellie (Zelda) did wonderful on our long car ride home! In my lap the entire way home with potty and drink breaks.  We are so in love with her❤️ she is so sweet and easy to train and has been sleeping each night in her crate with her Snuggle Puppy (I highly recommend). Our Vet said everything was perfect and on track with her.  She loves people and our grand dogs and fetching her ball.  Thank you Duane and family for such a positive experience and I highly recommend Woodland Puppies for a happy, healthy puppy!🐶

                   -Jackie R.


When we picked up our sweet pup, Zoey (now Izzy), we told you had learned that Zeke (now Ollie), lived in the neighborhood across the street from us. We have been talking with the Gentrys and yesterday we finally got the siblings together for a play date. After not having seen each other for 2 weeks, the pups played hard and wore each other out. We are looking forward to our next play date!

-Gordon & Lori Childs


Bruno has been such a great addition to our lives, especially in a year where we spent a lot more time at home than expected. We think he's going to love having another dog at home toplay with.

Baxter ( originally Bruno who we got from you December 2019) and Barrett ( originally Trent) are doing well. Baxter was a little unsure at first, and was quite jealous of the new addition, but now they get along quite well and Baxter seems to enjoy having a friend in the house. Barrett is very smart and has been learning quickly. I haven't taken as many pictures this time around, but when I get chance I will look through my photos and send you some good ones.

Thanks for breeding such good dogs! They really are such a pleasure to have in our lives.                                        -Tahani     



My mom says I am growing  like weed.  I weigh 35lbs and will be 9 months old tomorrow.
I go to the groomer every Wednesday. Mom doesn't  like a stinky puppy...I like to dig in the dirt when I go outside in my BIG backyard.  I love to play ball, I run towards the goats in their pen to scare them and they run away. The donkeys and pigs think they scare me but I just let them think that because mom says if I aggravate them I will get hurt so I don't chase them like I do the goats. I got a new kong walking vest and we tried it  today when I walked mom.  I saw a white squirrel and thought i would chase it but I was quickly stopped by mom.
We went up the hill and mom was out if breath..she tells me going down  hill will be easier
I'm thinking  for who??
I get to sleep with mom now.  The cat sleeps in the crate so I don't  bother him at nite.
Mom says I'm a good girl.  She says I'm very smart and sassy.  She loves me even when I'm not cooperating. I know how to watch people who shouldn't  be in the yard..when mom says watch em i bark!
Hope you and your family are doing well.  I really liked your kids. They did a great job preparing  me for my furever home.
If possible, may I have a photo of my mom and dad with their names.  Mom wants to put them in my photo album
I will keep in touch.
Olivia Rose🌹


wanted to say hi and let you know I'm  well and happy.  I just came from the my bow? I do, it matches my harness. I go every week to get pretty.  I got a new toy today because I'm a good girl..I learned how shake my paw 🐾  this week.  I hope you and the family are well and keeping warm. I am 41 lbs at 21 months.                                                                                                                   -Lanna


*You will notice that some of our puppies fade to a silver gray or almost white. We are now using a different male that is guaranteed to produce tri-colored puppies that keep their colors.

Just wanted to give you an update. He’s 3 months now and doing great! At his checkup last week he weighed 18.5 lbs. He’s a big handsome boy! Our vet is so impressed by your health check process and puppy care.

He is so intelligent! He caught onto potty training immediately by following the lead of our seasoned dog Tucker, not to mention the snack reward afterwards. lol! And now he goes to the back door all by himself when he needs to go outside. We have an in ground pool in the backyard and he has also learned to go around it and not on top of the cover. We can’t wait to teach him how to swim this summer! Our son Derek also taught him sit, down, and shake which he picked up on the first week he was with us. He has recently started official puppy training and is the star of the show!

We are so in love with him! He has the sweetest disposition. He is so loving, snuggly, and so much fun. He’s great with everyone and other dogs. He loves our other dog Tucker. They have become quite the buds. He loves running around in the backyard, playing with his toys and Tucker, taking walks, going for rides, and always content just hanging out with his family. He absolutely loved the snow this year. He is such a happy pup with so much personality and he keeps us laughing! 

Thank you again for providing us with such a perfect puppy and for making it such a fantastic experience! We love Woodland puppies and brag on you constantly! We have passed along your information to many, so hopefully they will be contacting you. Please feel free to use our testimonial and pictures. We would love for everyone to know about our wonderful experience and awesome puppy! 


wanted to give you an update on Dakota from his last shots and vet check. He’s a big whopping 24 pounds now and he’s doing great! Still snuggly and full of energy! He’s pretty much fully potty trained and no longer sleeps in his crate at night he’s in bed with us. Lol!  

*Dakota weighs 60 lbs full grown.                                                                                                   -Becky                     


Hey Duane! Oliver (aka Travis) is doing great! He is the sweetest boy! He loves going on walks and has made best friends with my daughter’s dog. They have a lot of fun together! Oliver is almost 20 lbs now and growing more every week. He loves playing with his chew toys, playing fetch, and snuggling! He is also very smart. It is fun watching him figure things out and he responds to commands and his name. Still working on potty training, but he will get there. We love and adore him! ❤️❤️


had his first trip to the groomer. I thought you might like to see him! He did a great job there. He is probably close to 25 lbs now and is the sweetest boy! ❤️❤                                                                                                                                    -Susan


I just wanted to give you a one month update on Margot. She is doing great this past week with potty training, she sits by the door when she’s ready to go our. She’s learning how to walk on a leash very well. She knows how to sit and give paw. She is very smart and starting to figure out our routines and she tries to hide from us when it’s time to go in the crate . She is 15 weeks old today and she weighs 18 lb. currently. The vet definitely thinks she’ll be bigger than 30 lb. I’ll keep you posted on her size in the future so you have a reference to go from. I also noticed that all of her new hair is coming in lighter, which means she has the fading gene from her dad. I did research on it and the fading gene is something carried by the poodle parent and can’t be detected until the puppies are born and growing. It means her coloring will change. I wanted to add that to the email so you have that knowledge for the next time you breed. It can be helpful if customers bring that up to you. It looks like her hair is coming in silver, so she’ll be more of a silver doodle, which is fine because we love her so much we don’t care what color she is.

She has been to the beach, the creek, and in a few different swimming pools. She’s made lots of doggy friends, but still is not friendly with the cats yet (they’re still warming up to her.) She’s actually met a couple of full sized Bernese mountain dogs and I couldn’t believe how big they were compared to her. She loves to play with her toys and chew her whimzies. She had her first bully stick yesterday and loved it. She has her own little circle of friends all of who love her very much. Her dog walker is obsessed. She loves my husband very much and he loves her right back. She’s been a fantastic little friend and we’re having so much fun watching her grow.                                                                                                                                                 -Hillary



 Just wanted to say thank you. Blue (Bowser)is a wonderful, sweet, silly and obedient dog. You created a great adoption experience and we were confident when we left that we had made a great decision. Thanks again.


Hi! Nimble is still doing great! Regarding house breaking him he has had a couple accidents. It actually has helped having our other dog go outside with him and he usually goes when she does. But we crate train him and first thing in morning we take him out and then he comes in eats a little and we let him out again. He’s only had like 3 accidents, one pee and 2 poops in the house so far. It’ll take time I know he’s still young and doesn’t get it all yet. But it’ll come. Just got to watch him when he’s out and about in the house close and let him out often. I think he’s doing as expected and will learn and get it all down in time. I do have to say I haven’t seen a sweeter puppy. He’s just so loving and sweet. Kids and Chris and I are just in love. We couldn’t be happier with him! Thanks again and if you need anything else please let us know.                                                                                -Ali    



We hope you and your family are well and had a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year! I have some great pictures of our children and Maggie, aka Babe, that I will be sending you this week. With the kids home from school for two weeks, a new puppy, and holiday celebrations we were extremely busy but grateful for the time together. A huge positive for Maggie with this busy time of year is that she was able to socialize with other dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, and people of all ages over the past 2 1/2 weeks. She was awesome and a big hit with everyone who she met. Our vet said, “you have two of the best looking and sweetest dogs we have ever seen.” As you may remember, our 4 year old Australian Labradoodle, Hank, was our biggest concern with bringing a new puppy home. It took a few days for Hank to adjust to having her around, but he loves her almost as much as we do. He loves having a playmate and is very protective of her, but at times a little jealous when he isn’t getting all the attention. Most of the time he has handles her gently and lovingly, but always lets her know he is the boss ;) We have had many people ask us for your information and website, so hopefully you will hear from some interested future owners. Thank you and have a great day, I will send you some pictures soon!                                                                                                                                                                                           Heather


Molly (fka Nana) is honestly the most loving dog I have ever met. She is so sweet and friendly and so very adorable. I had never spent that kind of money on anything, but I have absolutely no regrets. I still look at your website at least weekly to see the puppies and have to restrain myself from getting another. Haha.


IMG_0204 (002).jpg

“Woodland Puppies is the best!  It is obvious they love and care for their animals.  Duane and his family were very helpful….even keeping our puppy (Jolene) an extra week while we took a last-minute vacation.  We have two young boys (ages 4 and 7), and Jolene is so great with them.  She loves to be outdoors and has a lot of energy!  We’ve owned several different breeds (Labs, Australian Shepherds, Maltese), and Jolene is by far the most affectionate.  She is very loyal and is always by our side.  I highly recommend Woodland Puppies!”   

                                                                                                                                                                           - Jamie L.

Melita 2.jpg

 We adopted Melita (we named her Luna) a little over a month ago. She is doing so well! We love her to bits! She's a very smart, happy dog with a big personality. She's caught on to potty training very quickly! She kennels up on her own when it's time for work. She's a puppy so she has a few quirky habbits (like pulling the toilet paper off the roll🤣, hoarding our socks, ect) but she keeps us laughing.  She loves cuddling, playing, walks and she's the queen of naps! She plays well with others, including children, but since there's no children here yet she does really well entertaining herself when we are busy.
 At her 12 wk checkup/shot update she weighed 10 lbs. She's the life of the party everywhere we go. People are always stopping us when were out in public to talk to her & love on her a little! She loves the attention!  She's a very loved & spoiled little girl! If you want more frequent updates you can follow her on Instagram @thepuppyonlaurelwooddr
 We recommend Woodland puppies to anyone who asks about her! We speak very highly of you guys! We had an exceptional experience!
                                                                                                                                                                                                         James & Marsha

Melita 0.jpg
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