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Welcome to Woodland Puppies!

   Hello, we are Duane & Ruth Schlabach, from the hills of Kentucky. We are the grateful parents of 11 children, 8 of whom still live at home. Our goal is to serve God and be a service in His kingdom. 

    We started the business of raising puppies a few years ago, with a goal of raising them to be your pets and playmates. We greatly enjoy our mothers and puppies, and the children spend hours playing with them, romping in the grass, and making sure they are trained to be well-mannered, polite dogs. 

   Our son Leon enjoys doing the photography, and tries to give you the most realistic view of your puppy. 

   We are Nate & LuAnne Schlabach. We live in Worthington IN, and take care of emails, the website, and the advertising end of the puppy business for my parents. It is a blessing for us to have an extra income, and we hope it can be a blessing to you as you choose the puppy that is best suited for your home.



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